New 2013 Range Rover Sport review, test drive

Range Rover Range Rover sport review test-drive
The new 2013 Range Rover Sport is claimed to be the fastest, most agile and most responsive Land Rover ever. We investigate.
The interior of our test car was a flashy red-and-black leather-trimmed affair, with a little too much red, frankly. But don’t worry, you can opt for more subdued interior trims. Quality was, as always, faultless and top notch. Familiar stitched leather envelops you, the buttons and knobs all feel perfect, there is a smaller, sportier steering wheel at your fingertips, and the smart LCD dials are always easy to read. The only downside was the infotainment system, which is a little complicated to use.

The beautiful countryside around Cheltenham proved to be the perfect testing ground, with a good mix of narrow winding sections and straight-on highways.